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The following Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. case studies exemplify the opportunities and challenges we undertake on behalf of our clients and the sound, value added solutions we provide.


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HR Case Study 3

Northeast Ohio based Client Service Company with 75 Employees Saves $102,000 in Less Than 6 Months

Providing value to its clients since 1993, Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. is a value-oriented human resources solutions company. Through private consulting and custom-designed systems, STHRM, Inc. presents a high-value/low-cost solution to fixed-cost human capital issues. STHRM, Inc. staff has more than 30 years of corporate human resources experience with Fortune and Inc. 500 companies as well as privately owned businesses.


Client’s Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation was in penalty rating.


Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. conducted a safety inspection, wrote the Premium Discount Plan (PDP+) which was approved by BWC, investigated new manual classification through BWC and brought into compliance with Ohio Drug Free Workplace.


In less than six months, Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. achieved these specific and measurable results:

  • Drug Free Workplace and PDP+ saved the company $18,000

  • Lead in reclassification of BWC risk class reducing costs by $22,000 per year

  • Initiated request for BWC audit resulting in recovery of $9,000

  • Wrote PDP+ plan which was accepted by BWC

  • Sourced new TPA resulting in annual cost saving of $53,000

  • Conducted quarterly safety inspections to maintain a safe work environment and maintain new lowered BWC costs

  • Challenged and won an unemployment claim

  • Challenged BWC case resulting in dismissal

Financial Result

Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. leadership achieved net annualized savings of $204,000.