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Human Resources Consulting: Recruit. Retain. Resolve.

Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc.

Human Resources Consulting


Recruit. Retain. Resolve.

Custom Solutions for Your Complex Human Resources Issues

Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. (STHRM, Inc.) provides human resources consulting services that solve our clients' complex human resources issues. We work with entrepreneurial start-ups and established Fortune 500 companies in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio and across the country.

Put Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. to work for your company. We develop human resources solutions that meet your company's human resources needs. Since 1993, we have helped our clients recruit employees, retain staff and reduce cost.




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Human Resources Services

Employee Recruitment

Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. performs local and national executive searches and professional recruitment to find and hire the best employees to work for our client companies. Read More →

Health Care Benefits

An employer's total benefit costs can be 40 percent of their operating budget. Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. develops cost-containment strategies that meet business objectives. Read More →

Pre-Sale Due Diligence

Middle market businesses sell for record sums today. STHRM, Inc. conducts pre-sale human resources due-diligence audits to spot HR problems before the buyer does and fix them before the sale process starts. Read More →

Talent Management

Getting the best people to work for your company is only the start. Getting the best work out of them is the next step. Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. gets the most out your staff. Read More →

Employee Relations

Resolve employee relations problems before they escalate. Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. performs unbiased investigations to quickly and discretely resolve workplace issues. Read More →

Employee Handbooks

In today’s business environment, an employee handbook is a means to protect employers against discrimination and claims of unfair treatment. STHRM, Inc. works with you to develop your company’s employee handbook. Read More →

Employee Compensation

Your company's employee compensation programs should keep your staff happy and your budget in the black. We develop and implement competitive and budget-conscious compensation packages. Read More →

Risk Management

Mitigate issues before they become crisis. Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. risk management services and workplace audits identify areas of improvement before they become costly issues. Read More →


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Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.
— Stephen R. Covey


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