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Employee Handbooks

Shared Time Human Resources, Inc. works with you to develop your company’s employee handbook. Your employee handbook is a valuable written communication tool for both the employer and employee. The employee handbook is a readily available document to guide your policies and procedures on employment, benefits, safety, workplace behavior, and employee expectations. Your handbook certifies that employees are aware of their responsibilities and can effectively perform their job duties.

In today’s business environment an employee handbook is a means to protect employers against discrimination and claims of unfair treatment.

Employee Handbook Benefits

An employee handbook has several advantages:

  • A handbook sets the company’s policies and expectations.

  • The handbook helps an organization run more smoothly by outlining workplace do's and don'ts.

  • It encourages employee accountability and maintains stable job performance because workers understand what is expected of them.

  • Employee handbooks explain disciplinary procedures, which helps make performance management more straightforward.

  • Employees have a document to review when questions arise.

  • Employee handbooks encourage employees to behave according to policies and expectations and to ensure employees are treated fairly and in a consistent manner.

As rules and regulations from regulatory agencies change, employers can inform their employees by updating and distributing their employee handbook. The employee handbook establishes essential policies that are expected in the workplace and protects the rights of employers and employees.

Employment law and regulations are ever-changing. Employers should update their handbooks annually or more frequently if needed. It is essential to keep up to date with employment regulations changes. These changes should be reflected in a company's employee handbook to safeguard both the employer and employee.

HR Handbook Solution

STHRM, Inc. will work with employers to update current employee handbook or write a new employee handbook tailored to the company’s policies. A new or revised employee handbook from STHRM, Inc. can help management stay out of trouble with employees and federal and state employment laws.