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Human Resources Employee Relations

Resolve Issues


Employee Relations

Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. works with management and listens to employees to untangle and resolve difficult employee relations problems. Let us resolve your company's next complex employee relations issue before it escalates. Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. creates and implements effective policies to address internal problems. We provide neutral, credible help to quickly arrive at a resolution.

Organizational Effectiveness

Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. assists our clients' strategic planning, long-term managerial effectiveness, change management, performance management, and succession planning. These tools help companies understand their existing resources and develop a plan for the future.

Succession Plans

A well thought out succession plan identifies people to succeed incumbent staff in a company’s most critical roles in executive and senior management. Companies should have three levels of succession management to ensure a strong pipeline of talent for important leadership roles.

Climate Survey

Organizational climate surveys open two-way communications between management and associates. Understanding employee perceptions, attitudes, and concerns develops a positive and productive work environment. Our organizational climate survey pinpoints client success and areas to improve. Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. provides management with a written report and an action plan to improve areas requiring teamwork, cooperation, and management goals.