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Employee Recruitment

Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. performs executive searches and professional recruitment for our clients. We work with your company to identify position requirements, implement recruitment programs, and initiate employee assessments that maximize recruitment efforts.

Our unique approach locates skilled industry professionals. Once the qualified candidate is selected, Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. performs due diligence and personal and professional reference checks as well as a local records check. Assessment tests are also available. Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. can conduct follow-up meetings to ensure client satisfaction.

Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. can place a qualified recruiter with your company to handle your hiring process. The designated recruiter works with your staff to define job specifications, write ads, pre-screen candidates, schedule interviews, make employment offers, conduct reference and records checks, and schedule post-offer placement physicals.

Profile Assessments

Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. works with Profile International to provide employers with the best selection tool and high-performance management system to select qualified candidates and to create a high performance workforce. Together, we offer a comprehensive suite of employment assessments that help your company gain a competitive advantage by selecting, hiring, retaining and developing great talent.


Hiring the best people and getting them in the right job starts with well-written position description. This document is a summary of the most important features of the job. It includes the general nature of the work performed, specific tasks and responsibilities, and an outline of employee characteristics required to perform the job.

Background Checks

We help businesses and organizations reduce risk by providing employment background checks. It is Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc.'s goal to help you recruit the best employees. Our search results mitigate your company's exposure to fraud, workplace violence and negligent-hiring lawsuits.

It's important to get a quality background check. Access to back ground information helps your team make solid hiring and recruiting decisions. Our screening services allow you to select parameters pertinent to your industry and hiring guidelines. Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. can also conduct states and federal criminal and civil record, Social Security verification, education, reference, and credit checks.

Shared Time Human Resources Management, Inc. follows the Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA). We operate our business in full compliance with these laws and our clients' state and local background screening laws. It is our responsibility to keep you informed of changes in legislation that could affect how you access and use consumer reports in the recruiting process. We actively monitor legislation and notify you immediately of any updates or changes.